Michael Fontenot, M.D.

Michael S. Fontenot, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I graduated from St. Thomas High School and attended the University of Texas. After earning a Bachelor Degree in History, I joined the Peace Corps where I taught English to middle school students in Ivory Coast, West Africa. During this time I began to study classical guitar; not really that far fetched since I had been playing the guitar since age 11. 
However, this was the first time I had ever practiced under a mosquito net!

Upon returning to the United States, I did my undergraduate work in music at North Texas State University, then earned a Master Degree in music from Yale University. The job prospects for teaching guitar at the university level were not bright at that time, and therefore I reconsidered my options. 

The practice of medicine appealed to me in terms of both challenge and reward. I moved back to Houston, worked at MD Anderson for a year and applied to medical school;. I married Sarah (whom I had met while at Yale) the month before beginning my medical studies at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas.

During this period, I fell in love with pediatrics. I remember the sense of how brave children were, even in illness. They were both tougher and more forgiving than us adults!. So, Sarah and I moved back to New Haven Connecticut, where I trained in Pediatrics at Yale University.

We had two sons, and (believe it or not) Sarah began law school during this three year period! Looking back, I still don’t know how (or WHY) we did this! I began pediatric practice in the New Haven area and worked there for six years.

In our travels back to Texas to visit family, we would occasionally come to the Hill Country to visit old friends from medical school. We fell in love with the slower pace of life, more open space, and friendly people. Ultimately we decided it would be a better place to raise our family. 

We moved to Fredericksburg in 1994 and I initially practiced there before I realized that the demand for pediatrics was much greater in Kerrville. Dr. Meriwether and I began the transition of combining our efforts in 2000. This has been a very successful collaboration. 

In addition to the practice of pediatrics, my passions are my wife, music and video, traveling and history. As you can see, these threads have coursed through my entire life and continue to sustain me.

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