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Referrals and Appointments

Please allow sufficient time for these requests. Referrals must be registered with your insurance carrier and can take several days for us to get approval for you. Call us as soon as 
possible if a referral is needed.

The majority of your visits, well and sick, will be scheduled with your regular pediatrician. We feel that is the best way to establish and continue a personal relationship with your doctor. Knowing our patients and their families is something, in which we take great pride.
There may be times when your child has an urgent need to be seen, in which case you may be seen by our other pediatrician if your regular pediatrician is not available.
After Hours/ Weekends: If your child becomes sick after hours, on weekends, or over holidays, we are happy to help. If the issue cannot or should not wait until the next morning, call the office number. You will be forwarded to the answering service. There is always a pediatrician available. We generally return calls within 15 minutes. If someone hasn’t called you within 30 minutes, call us back. If your child needs an appointment the next day, but is OK to wait overnight, contact us after 8:00 AM for assistance.

Liz Koontz, LVN is our full time referral coordinator. If you need to contact her, click here


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