Suzanne Edwards, RN

Kerrville is my hometown, I am happy to say!   Even though I was born in Brady and lived from San  Angelo to New Braunfels the first 10 years of my life.

I was introduced to the hill country in 1967 when my mother, a school teacher was offered a summer time job at the Hill Country Arts Foundation, where she acted and we lived on the premises.  I can truly say that was the start of a long life passion. However, I always knew that the medical field was for me..

We moved here in 1973 (3 older brothers, a dog and cat) and my mother married Andy Ritch, the coolest man I ever saw!

After graduating in 1979, I traveled to Austria as a Rotary Exchange student.  I was truly blessed to have that opportunity to travel abroad and meet wonderful people.

After coming home, I went to Texas Tech and then to Western Texas College with pre-med in mind.

After those 2 years, Nursing was where I found my true calling.  I worked as a nurse aid in Snyder and fell in love with patient care.

I graduated from Angelo State University with my AD in nursing. I was married by then and had my first child.

We moved to Austin where I worked at Brackenridge and later to Children’s Hospital at Brackenridge until 1989.

I moved back home to Kerrville with my 2 children in 1989 and worked in ICU until January of 1990.  And that is when I started working with Dr. Meriwether.  I have loved this job like no other, hence I’m still here!!!

I believe I have the best of 2 worlds….  I have a great job,  great bosses  and great people to work with, but I also now can “play” at the theatre!  Both HCAF and Playhouse 2000, have fed my need to act out!